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Tree Safety Surveys

Tree Safety Surveys

As you are probably aware property and land owners are expected to monitor and record the conditions of their trees where public have access on a regular basis. Maintenance works should be carried out to minimise the risks of health and safety to third parties.
Insurance companies are increasingly requiring reports and surveys as a condition in their policies for tree owners.  With our trained staff we are in a position to offer tree surveys suited to your requirements.
For over 40 years Westree Company has been carrying out tree related works for a number of public organisations. These organisations include amongst others The Church Commissioners, The Diocese of Salisbury, County Councils, Town and Parish councils and London Underground Ltd.

Tree Safety Surveys Include

Tagging trees with unique number system
Identify tree species, height, girth, age and life expectancy
Comments on its condition
Risk factor and urgency
Guide pricing for any works identified
Tree survey summary

We have staff trained to carry out all types of tree surveys. The surveys are approved by our insurance company and professional indemnity cover is provided for all surveys carried out.
We hope this will be of interest to yourselves as tree owners and look forward in anticipation to any queries or services that we may help you with.

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